SPD4459 Yuen Long Jetso

SPD4459 Yuen Long Jetso


Haagen-Dazs Buy 1 Get 1 Free!!!

Free Haagen-Dazs in YuenLong District!!!!

SPD4459 Yuen Long Jetso 1 

5 days is left!!!!

Buy 1 Get 1 free if you take away the Double Flavors Ice-cream Cone by octopus card.

Yes! It's free!

Go try it in Yuen Long now or after your great dinner as Haagen-Dazs is always the best choice for dessert :)

Remember to take your octopus card!

Enjoy the jetso now!

By Cynthia Cheng
Student of SPD4459 Internet Marketing and Public Relations
Yuen Long Jetso

SPD4459 Yuen Long Jetso

Source from https://zh-hk.facebook.com/HaagenDazsHK

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