SPD4459 Yuen Long Jetso

SPD4459 Yuen Long Jetso


Karl'z Cake Design - Cake or Artwork?

SPD4459 Yuen Long Jetso 12
We are the student of SPD4459 IMPR

As I want to surprise my girlfriend with a cake, I want to find some new and independent cake stores that she had never tried before. 

My best friend told me that there is a good choice for me in Yuen Long so I took a ride to Yuen Long and searched for that  "Good Choice".

When I arrived at Karl'z Cake Design, those cakes were neatly displayed in the fridge had shocked me, they just look like a piece of artwork.

They are too attractive for me so I better buy them for the one who is ''beautiful'' enough to enjoy them.


The staff there are very nice and friendly. 

They will recommend the cakes to their customer especially for  different needs and purpose

They also recommend hose cake they love and they ate before to their customer too .

Their service made me to promise them that  "I'll be back!"

They are very attractive!


Very delicious!!!!!!!!!!!
Very smooth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


Not too sweet,
just at the ''Right'' Level (My Girl Friend said)!!!!!

Some posts about Karl'z Cake Design:

Find out more in: http://hk.shop.88db.com/karlz-cake-design-cake/

Price Range: Below $50
Phone No: 23634668
Open Hour: Tue-Sun: 12:30-23:00 Closed on Mon

By Cage Shum
Student of SPD4459 Internet of Marketing and Public Relations

Yuen Long Jetso

SPD4459 Yuen Long Jetso


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