SPD4459 Yuen Long Jetso

SPD4459 Yuen Long Jetso


Ah Yuk Tofu Fa (亞玉豆腐花) - Soft like tasting the clouds

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To Fu Fa is one of my childhood favorite.

It is smooth, soft and sweet when you fill in some brown sugar on it.

I wanna taste that great traditional chinese dessert immediately!!!!!

When i was walking around in Yuen Long.

Suddenly, what I want to eat is just appearing in front of my eyes.

Ah Yuk Tofu Fa - A tiny and old To Fu Fa store

There are some many people queuing in front of it.

I believe that if their is a queue, that means that there is something worthy to spend time!!!

So that I chose to be the part of the queue.

After around 5 minutes waiting, I bought two To Fu Fa for my friend and myself.

When we were holding it, we just like holding a '"Holdable Cloud".

They are so white and smooth.

After we tasted the "cloud", we saw someone was eating other food from ''Ah Yuk''.

Let's check out what is it.

That is another old Hong Kong Snack - Red Bean Pudding.

Those pudding are full of red beans, they were so enticing!!!

As we have a dinner gathering later on , so we decide to try it next time.

Please, wait for me~~~~~~~~

Price: Below $10 (To Fu Fa: $7, Red Bean Pudding: $10 for 5 / $5 for 2)
Phone No.: 26649622

By Cage Shum
Student of SPD4459 Internet Marketing and Public Relations
Source from: http://www.openrice.com/restaurant/sr2.htm?shopid=38080

Yuen Long Jetso

SPD4459 Yuen Long Jetso


  1. Waaaa... I wanna try !!!

  2. 成日食!!
    記得果道d 老闆同staff 都係男人黎,
    成日同fd 講笑話: 唔通佢就係呀玉?!
    Btw, 食完豆腐花, 再去深水埗食Dinner 應該都唔過份既!