SPD4459 Yuen Long Jetso

SPD4459 Yuen Long Jetso


Joesph's Suggestion - A Combo Lunch on lovely Saturday (Curry + Dessert)

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We are the student of SPD4459 IMPR

Suggested by one of our visitor, Joseph Leung, combo meal is the greatest idea ever!!!!

Btw, You can got a lot of professional comment and news about I.T industry on his personal blog - http://www.joseph.hk/

Our combo lunch includes a curry set lunch and a dessert!!! Can't wait for it, right? :)))

Shaffi's Indian Restaurant (石崗咖哩屋) - Set Lunch
14 Fau Tsoi Street, Yuen Long 

The owner of this restaurant is a domestic Indian Form the menu on the entrance, all of the set lunch is charged under $50! So awesome!!!

One set contains the appetizer, snacks, curry rice and a drink. You can order beef or goat or chicken, vege and fried rice. It seems order the set lunch is cheaper than order them separately, so we decided to order curry goat and curry chicken set.
Price: $45 for one lunch set

This soup is quite disappointing us
Because the menu stated is a chicken soup, but as you can see, there are only beans and carrot, not my favourite :(

There are 2 spring rolls and 2 fried balls.
I think the fillings inside properly are potato and vege.
But their taste is not very good as they are quite cold inside and not crispy at all.

Here comes the Main course - The rice with curry goat and chicken.
In fact, they are not that spicy as I thought, that's a great news for the non-spicy fans, me! hahaha

However, the chicken is not that chewy as it is a bit overcooked :( The goat meat is quite impressive! It is soft enough than the chicken one. Also, there are two pieces of Chapati, just like the pizza in a thin one, taste quite good!!!!

The greatest thing is the curry sauce, it is rich in different kinds of spice, so "indian"!!! Also, this great sauce greatly matches the Chapati, you should try it!! It just like in the heaven~~~~

To sum up, the food in Shaffi's Indian Restaurant are not that impressive but the price of their giant set is really cheap :) Actually I can't eat the set all, haahaha!

P.S. The mango juice there are so yummy, you guys should try one. I think those mangoes are so fresh as they are from Pakistan.

Musang King (貓山皇) - Dessert after lunch 
Shop D, Lee Fat House, No. 5 Yan Lok Square, Yuen Long

One fruit, called as the king among all the fruits,
people either deadly LOVE or HATE it,
what is it?

It's Durian!!!!!!

榴櫣雪糕 - 銅鑼灣的貓山皇

Durian Ice-cream: $38 for each cup

Although we tried not much durian ice-cream, this ice-cream is very amazing. With a smooth and durian-riched flavour ice-cream, you should go for it or you will regret.

This ice-cream just like a perfect foot-stop of a lovely Saturday :)))

Enjoy your weekend :)

By Cage Shum and Cynthia Cheng
Shot by Cage and Cynthia
Student of SPD4459 Internet Marketing and Public Relations

Yuen Long Jetso

SPD4459 Yuen Long Jetso


  1. Will it too full for girl

    1. Actually you can choose one set lunch for two persons and order some snacks with coz somehow girls can't eat all. And please save your stomach for the dessert round!!!
      Thanks for supporting for SPD4459 Yuen Long Jetso.